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  • Relax and focus your attention on your question.
  • Tap on the Shuffle button underneath the cards.
  • Tap a card to show the face or use the Arrow to show all three.
  • Tap each card again for interpretation.


Nine of Swords

Are you beating yourself up? Do you feel victimised by another? The Nine of Swords usually relates to cruelty, and often this is toward the self. If you find that you are doing this, try to visualise yourself as you would a good friend, would you give anyone else such a hard time? Probably not. Have some compassion for yourself, the key word here is kindness. Open yourself to new possibilities and realise that even after the darkest night the dawn will always come.

Seven of Swords

Feeling left out, victimised, unable to break down the walls. Planning, strategy, be careful, you or someone else could be planning an attack. Selfishness, feeling ‘ripped off’. Manipulation.
You may be choosing to stand apart, or, like the fox in the picture, you might need time to plan a strategy.

Letting go of control, offering an olive branch, Situations improving as a result of an apology. Taking responsibility.

Ten of Discs

Prosperity, abundance and cooperation are depicted in this card. If your question is about finances, home or work, you are being given a very encouraging message here. If you have been worried about something material, your job, home or physical body, the Ten of Discs is letting you know that all will be well. You have all the support that you need at this time.

Flip all cards


Images: Motherpeace Tarot by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel ©
Interpretations: © 2018 Julie Cook Psychic Medium