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  • Relax and focus your attention on your question.
  • Tap on the Shuffle button underneath the cards.
  • Tap a card to show the face or use the Arrow to show all three.
  • Tap each card again for interpretation.


Strength 11

When the Strength card shows up for you, you are being reminded that you are much stronger than you think.
If you are enquiring about something that you are trying for, maybe a new job, or a college acceptance, this card is letting you know that you are in a very strong position.
If your query is relating to a partnership, either professional or personal, you are being shown that whatever is going on right now, this relationship has strong roots. If there are difficulties they can be resolved by remaining true to your convictions, and acting with compassion and clarity.

Eight of Cups

Old Hurts coming up to be faced and released at this time. A deepening of emotion. Give yourself a break, go out in nature, spend time in meditation, go within, this is a time to get to the roots of your deepest feelings. E-motion – energy in motion, let it flow, release all that no longer serves you, You are in a period of growth and renewal.

Suppression of old hurts, depression. You may need to seek the help of a counsellor, healer or good friend. Talking out your feelings will assist you in this process. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for what you need.

Seven of Discs

A time out to re-assess. Looking back at all you have achieved and taking time to decide on your direction or next steps. Don’t rush into anything now, ideas need time to gestate. You may be feeling tired, try to get some rest, tomorrow is a new day.

Impatience, desire to ‘get on and do’ not giving yourself time to decide on right course of action. Rash decisions, take care to not rush into things. take a step back.

Flip all cards


Images: Motherpeace Tarot by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel ©
Interpretations: © 2018 Julie Cook Psychic Medium