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  • Relax and focus your attention on your question.
  • Tap on the Shuffle button underneath the cards.
  • Tap a card to show the face or use the Arrow to show all three.
  • Tap each card again for interpretation.


Justice 8

Balance, karma, cause and effect are all represented in the Justice card.
This card could represent the need to take responsibility for your actions or words.
Maybe you are facing legal issues right now? If so this card would represent justice being served, if you have acted with integrity the result will be in your favour.
You may need to get some balance back in your life, maybe you have spent too long looking at a computer screen, watching tv or even too much/too little, exercise. Take a break, go out for a walk, maybe meditate, get some headspace and restore balance to your mind.

Temperance 14

Temperance is a blending card, blending the old with the new, you are using your past experience to help guide you to the future at this time.
Temperance is also urging you to be temperate in all things, don’t overdo things, such as work, play, food or drink. Excess at any level would not be good for you right now. It’s a time of patience, new life is coming into being, don’t try to rush it, give it time to flower and grow.

The Hierophant 5

Spiritual authority. The Hierophant is often called the Pope, he represents organised religion and rules and regulations.
This may be a time when you are coming away from conventional ideas of spirituality and finding your own way, your own spiritual authority.
It can also indicate seeking a guru or counsellor, maybe help of a priest, a lawyer or doctor.
You may be dealing with authority issues in some way.
you might be giving your power away to someone that you perceive as having power over you, if this is the case, take it back. A person can only have power over you if you allow it.

Flip all cards


Images: Motherpeace Tarot by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel ©
Interpretations: © 2018 Julie Cook Psychic Medium