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  • Relax and focus your attention on your question.
  • Tap on the Shuffle button underneath the cards.
  • Tap a card to show the face or use the Arrow to show all three.
  • Tap each card again for interpretation.


Daughter of Wands

Creative, energetic, passionate and kind, The Daughter of Wands represents a young, possibly fire sign, woman or child. She has an innate desire for freedom in all things. She can be hard work, but only because her creativity and boundless energy can be wearing for those less able to keep up. She may represent you or someone in your life right now. Maybe you need to develop your creativity, if you are thinking of starting a project, now would be a good time. The Passion and energy of this fire child will help you to achieve your goal.

Nine of Wands

Seems like you have been working very hard and there is a feeling here that energy is low and you need some rest. Nine is a completion number, you can feel satisfied that the work is almost complete, and whatever you have been going through, change is coming now.

Eight of Discs

Mastery. If you’re taking exams or looking to get a degree, go for it! This card indicates success,
Meaningful work, alone or within a group. Learning a new skill. initiative, teamwork and growth are represented here.

Feeling inadequate, unable to master a skill or situation. Fear of failure. lack of meaning in your work, boredom. A need take action and step out of your comfort zone.

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Images: Motherpeace Tarot by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel ©
Interpretations: © 2018 Julie Cook Psychic Medium